A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

🏀 gecko ridemption  🦎 a browser multigecko game 💥   

u a geko

u like sport

u stik 2 stuf

u colekt balls

u asasasa

u shoot lazers

u destroy other gekos

u go go

Gecko Ridemption is a browser-based, online-multiplayer area-control, rock-climbing, laser-blasting, stuff-barfing, sport-ish game.  Up to 8 players control geckos which can puke random bits of sports equipment that stick together into gravity defying structures. Players must barf, build, and crawl up these structures to capture levitating sport-balls and score points. Don't get careless though! Geckos can also discharge power laser beams that will explode other geckos and their carefully constructed vomit-ladders.

a game by theo triantafyllidis & alex rickett

commissioned by adult swim / etc

presented in the 2017 UCLA Game Arts Festival @ The Hammer Museum LA

featured in kotaku & rock paper shotgun

read the interview on UCLA Game Lab's blog

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